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Magnus Panvidya (real name Zackary Dougherty [aka Zakk], of the Detroit suburbs) is a highly visible Boogaloo Boi. He has received media attention from podcasters such as Jimmy Dore. His stated goals are a cross unity anti-police movement. However, he has shown time and time again that his real interest isn’t in helping Black Lives Matter (BLM) movements but self aggrandizement and infiltration into liberation spaces. Much of what is cited here is data collected from antifascists, boog interactions on social media, and primary source reports from organizers in Lansing, MI and Detroit, MI. We will be referring to Magnus/Zackary as “Zakk” for the remainder of this notice as that is how we have observed him be referred to by his collaborators. We will also detail Zakk’s close friend and something of a “lieutenant,” Tim Teagan, as well as a few lesser known individuals.

Internet archivists point to the “Boogaloo” (boog originating in reference to a race war as far back as 2012. It is a play on a sequel film from the 1980’s entitled Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo. In this context the term was repurposed into a reference to a second civil war, often framed as a race war. This has been detailed in this Bellingcat piece and this Nina Illingworth piece. Since then the concept worked its way across the internet, often in a typical meme fashion with various degrees of seriousness. Terms of note when dealing with the question of the Boogaloo Bois are, “Big Igloo, Luau, Boojahideen.” The early expressions of the boog movement were steadfastly rooted in accelerationism, with white supremacist overtones if not outright fascist intent. In this al-Jazeera article Zakk is quoted as “they (the race war wanters) were purged from the Boogaloo movement.” If we were to believe Zakk we would also have to believe that a decentralized movement has such a mechanism to conduct purges in a concentrated manner beyond the natural evolution of social engineering. They do not. And the race war enthusiasts are very much still attached to the boog sphere, just not on surface level social media. Beyond what podcasts and tweets and public facing media that the boog self-promote, there is a substantial fascist element of boogs still active on sites such as Telegram. Who is to say what overlap remains? Is it reasonable to take that chance and bring someone into spaces where those vulnerable to fascists inhabit?

Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3
Figure 4, Figure 5

Please observe how the same memes appear in both the the deepest Nazi/Boogaloo (Figure 2) channels and what surface level postings collaborators of Zakk, such as Sommer Rae, retweet (Figure 3). The use of imagery such as the “Black Sun’’ and old racist tropes (Figures 4–5) is of key note. Please see the “vaporwave” styling of noted slave owning pedophile rapist Thomas Jefferson (Figure 1) being used to support the call of a “final solution” (Final Solution being a Nazi term for the Holocaust).

A boogaloo in the sphere of Zakk and Tim Teagan, Chris Seawolf appears on both the Twitter friendslist of the surface level boog AND the telegram chats wherein racist tropes abound.

Figure 6, Figure 7

Known collaborator of Zakk, going by Chris Seawolf, is seen here embedded within racist chats (Figure 7).

With this question of “are the boogs fascist or not” it comes down to… do you really want to take that chance? You will never truly know. Three strains of boog are thought to exist by antifascist organizers: crypto-fascists that are intent on accelerating a race war, adventure seeking libertarians with far too much privilege, and informants. With these considerations, what leftist organizer would truly want them around?

Let’s talk about Zakk.

Zakk’s history of being a troublemaker in liberation spaces is well documented by AFA Vigilant. To summarize some key points from the documentation is that Zakk is known to inflate his stature into taking credit from Detroit street medics in deescalating potential Nazi violence at a Detroit Will Breathe (DWB) event. He also attempted to pass himself off as a designated security team for DWB which DWB organizers have come on record to refute. Solidarity and Defense also has an excellent reporting of the attempted boog incursion into liberation spaces.

Figure 8, Figure 9

Zakk has shared transphobic memes (Figure 9) and equated nazis and antifascists into being the same level of bad (Figure 8). How are anti-fascists meant to unite with boog when the boog equates AFA to the CSA?

Zakk also has a close relationship with Southeast Michigan based Fenix Ammunition, which is run by Justin Nazaroff. Justin has lead the armed harassment of anti-ICE protesters at the Holocaust Memorial before and has heaped praise on Kyle Rittenhouse, of which Zakk echoed.

Figure 10

And as a private aside to Zakk, who is sure to be reading this right now (hello!), how are you going to promote and be friends with someone who is selling you ammo and selling the cops (whom you claim to oppose) the same ammo? Would it be weird if that ammo was ever used against you? And if Fenix is pro ICE and you tell BLM minded folk that you are anti ICE… is that not a bit awkward given your close relationship with Fenix?

Zakk and Tim are routinely found in circles that have been apprehended by law enforcement. Zakk has been very public in announcing how there is little difference between those that the federal government has picked up and themselves. Tim Teagan has organized with the militia group, Wolverine Watchmen, who planned to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. AFA Vigilant has a great detailed thread on Tim Teagan, amongst others.

Zakk’s circle of boog can be found crossing state lines very publicly yet very little police intercession occurs. Tim Teagan perhaps has the most interference with police as Detroit PD mistook him for a protester at a march, when by Tim’s own admission he was there purely to protect property from the marchers (this can be seen in the AFA Vigilant Twitter thread above.)

Figure 11

Tim Teagan (far right) with two of the Wolverine Watchmen, Daniel Harris and Pete Muscio, in the center. These Wolverine Watchmen were thwarted by informants within their networks.

Many of the circle that surrounds Zakk and Tim adorn themselves with pro Kyle Rittenhouse messaging.

Figure 12

Kyle Rittenhouse makes appearances as a hero to some boogs. As does Duncan Lemp. What is interesting is that Duncan Lemp was clearly lusting for girls the same age as Kyle Rittenhouse as reported by the Left Coast Right Watch article that is linked above. This might explain in their Discord leaks why they planned to be publicly against pedophilia as a publicitiy tactic, but perhaps it was just projection by some of the boog.

Zakk’s current message is left-right unity against the state. However his leanings and agenda indicate that he sides with the right and that the unity he hopes to foster would be for the left to make allowances for the right.

Zakk, when pressed on social media for his praise of Kyle Rittenhouse, was asked to answer what mattered more: property or life. Zakk attempted to claim that they had the same value, this line of thought completely guts a central conceit of liberation movements. Minority lives have been repeatedly destroyed because the state agents valued property over life. The reason given to the public about why the murderous cops killed George Floyd is that they felt that was an appropriate response to the question of 20 dollars being possible counterfeit. If you value life in the same way you value property you have no business in liberation spaces.

Figure 13

You really cannot have it both ways. Either property or life has more value.

More recently, as a part of the post Trump pivot to “bottom unity”, i.e. subjugation of the left by the right. The boog as a whole leading up to Trump’s electoral defeat found themselves more at home in the armed protests at Lansing in protest of the Covid-19 orders (where they organized with some of the Wolverine Watchmen.) Now with Trump defeated, and discovering how easy it is to infiltrate the left via podcasters, they have pivoted to pandering to and infiltrating the left.

Figure 14

Much of fascist and boog messages are transmitted via memes, this Always Sunny in Philadelphia screencap should be illustrative of their intentions.

One of the boog telegram channels expiciately calls on boog to infiltrate BLM moments.

Figure 15

An example of a boog group on listing how to infiltrate BLM efforts. Please note the Nazi language.

Left Coast Right Watch corroborates the direction to boogs to infiltrate BLM movements as reported here in a series of leaks from their Discord server. Within that article the Discord leaks themselves can be viewed and downloaded.

Zakk recently exploited the pain of a Lansing family to deceive who they were in order to gain access to a Lansing action under the guise of offering security. When the Lansing organizers discovered who he was he was removed from organizing. Against the wishes of the family who should always have remained the center of the action’s focus, they made an appearance anyways for an hour to have their own rally which was made up of no one from Lansing, no one in the family, and mostly staffed with out of state boogs. The Lansing Chapter of Solidarity And Defense chronicled this debacle.

Around the same time as the Lansing misadventure, the boog had gotten themselves into a space as “contracted security” for an event on the eastside of Detroit that was unaffiliated with any Detroit leftist organizations.

Here is an excerpt from a report made by some concerned anti-fascist Detroiters who surveilled the event, unbeknownst to the boog that were providing security.

“ Six boog were seen both carrying open and concealed. The security they provided consisted of staying in the interior of the park where the event was held but were unaware that they were being directly observed for over two hours by concerned Detroiters. The concerned Detroiters were close enough to be able to see Magnus’s [Zakk’s] asscrack every time he bent over. The authors of this report come from a culture of safety and defense for the community and as a private aside, the boog’s inability to provide competent “security” was obscene in it’s own right. As the event was wrapping up, the boog were observed to be consuming alcohol. Any responsible firearm operator would perish the thought of mixing firearms and alcohol. The boog were also observed to relieve their bladders on the sides of houses in the neighborhood. Coming to a neighborhood where you do not live, being armed and drinking, and pissing all over the place is not something someone who is interested in liberation politics would do.”

Zakk has also made use of the term “fren/fran,” which in most politicized context is a racist dog whistle. When resurfacing on twitter after a suspension they requested their “frans” (Figure 16) to which several of his collaborators replied with “frens” memes (Figures 17–19).

Figure 16, Figure 17, Figure 18
Figure 19

If you have loved ones who are having dealings with boog, please warn them and if ignored — take steps to protect yourself.

In general summation these critical points must be reiterated.

Zakk and the Michigan boog have lied about their intentions and activities.

Zakk and the Michigan boog have organized with militias intent on kidnapping elected officials.

Zakk and the Michigan boog traffic in Nazi language and imagery.

Zakk and the Michigan boog often traffic with groups that end up practicing terrible opsec and are ultimately apprehended by law enforcement.

Zakk and the Michigan boog value property in opposition to human life.

Zakk and the Michigan boog have financial dealings with fascists.

This is meant to be a reader’s digest of the excellent source materials published by antifascists and organizers. This is by no means exhaustive. Please refer to the cited documentation for more in depth analysis.

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